My Birthday Wish

Dear Family, Friends and World,

The year has spun around super quickly and I am already reaching my sixth month living in Colombia which is hard to believe! On the 18th of this month I will be turning 22, and since I have already had an unconventional Ramadan, Eid, Christmas and New Years, I thought I would follow suit with my birthday and celebrate it differently this year.

Part of this includes making a wish for my birthday that you might be able to help with, even if you are on the other side of the world. I would like to request a small voluntary donation to Islamic Relief for one of the appeals which they are running for Gaza, Syria, Yemen, West Africa or Haiti. I am not expecting packages or presents, and I and not really wanting for anything, but the situations in these particular areas are only sporadically featured in the media, so I figured that I might use my birthday to try and promote the causes.

I am living in Colombia, and there are many worthy causes here, but I have had the suffering of my Arab brothers and sisters on my mind daily whilst I have been here. I was also living in a Haitian village when the earthquake stuck in 2010, so I feel particularly strongly about these appeals. I wont overly express the suffering going on in these countries because I would like you to donate lovingly and not for reasons of guilt, and I am sure that you are aleady aware of at least some of the situations that are taking place. There is of course a comprehensive breakdown on the website for each of the country profiles, so I suggest reading that before choosing a cause, or you could donate to more than one.

You may or may not have heard of Islamic Relief, but it is really a wonderful organization, and I really support the philosophy which they advocate:

Islamic Relief provides support regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender and without expecting anything in return.

You can find more about who they are here:

Apart from Gaza, Syria, Yemen, West Africa and Haiti they work in many other countries, so if you feel like there is another cause that you would rather dedicate to then go ahead. Just go to the site, have a read and see what you want to go with.

This is the link to make donations:

You do not even have to know me to do this, you do not have to be Muslim either, and you are not required to contact me if you do so, although it would be nice to hear that the idea has spread a little. Even if it is just five pounds or 10 dollars, it would be an appreciated gesture.

I hope you have a blessed day wherever you are, and I wish you peace, whoever you are and wherever you are going.



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  1. clairewalmsleyscotland

    Have a look at this charity too


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