How to get a teacher – Advice from students at El Rosario

So I had to cover the grammar class for my boss this week because he is at a conferece. I took it last week as well, and we had been studying modal verbs – should, must, need to, can, cant etc. as well as obligation and necessity. Today I asked my students to get into pairs and make 10 commandments or rules for a given objective. Some people did it on “How to get rich quick”, others did it on “What to wear for Halloween” and some even did it on “How to be the perfect boyfriend”. Some bright sparks thought it would be cool to give a presentation to the class on “How to get a teacher”. I have never gone so red in my life, but I thought I would share these pearls of wisdom, exactly as they were written in their script so that you can have a laugh.

How to get a teacher

1. you may pay attention to what everything she/he says.

2. you should make him/her laugh

3. you must show your interest not only to the class, but also for the teacher.

4. you must find the way to ask her/him out.

5. you should show yourself as aconomicaly confortable or at least you need to pretend it.

6. you must not “stock” her/him.

7. you should never say “How yoo doing ” (nb. Joey from Friends reference)

8. you must not be deamn rud

9. you might not tell her/him your truly intentions.

10. you should never show your hungry


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One response to “How to get a teacher – Advice from students at El Rosario

  1. 1yearinsoledad

    Hahahaha never show your hungry! That is priceless

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