Who is the Shakira Hunter?

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Fear not, this is not the blog of a crazed Shakira fanatic (or at least it will not be used as such), but what started out as a joke between my uni friend and I has inspired the essence of this blog.

Every time I got nervous about undertaking the placement in Colombia with the British Council, my friend Olivia reminded me that I was going to Shakiraland and this became my pacifier when I reached the verge of breakdown. Shaki is a familiar personal icon as she is not only the most famous Latina I know, (of course there are Las Hermanas Mirabal and Isabel Allende and Frida Kahlo, but they can be muses for a diffrent blog) but Shaki is also renowned for her Arabic heritage, which is something I want to remember whilst I’m jumping in at the deep end as a language assistant in a very nice university in Bogotá.

And who knows, maybe I will actually hunt the Latina princess down at her Aunty’s house in Barranquilla and where we will share plates of suero, ceviche, tabbouleh and baklava, followed by Colombia coffee, Arabic tea and a bit of shisha… Until then I’ll be documenting the journey, and my experience working and living in the crazy city of Bogotá right here!

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About Imani Amrani

Algerian Brit, with some Latina in me (I once ate an arepa). Freelance journalist. This blog is my double bed that I don't have to share, where I can take all of the duvet and spread myself out. Find older blog posts at https://theshakirahunter.wordpress.com In the meantime find 140-character nuggets from me at https://twitter.com/ImaniAmrani

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